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Offered by School of International Education
Taught in Chinese
Degree Associate degree
Duration 3 years
Start date 2019-03-01
Tuition fee CNY10000/Y
Application fee 300 (RMB) / 50 (USD)


  Animal husbandry and veterinary science aims to cultivate high-level technical skill-trained talents needed by animal husbandry and veterinary base, feed production marketing enterprises, large-scale farms, pet hospitals and other enterprises. Major courses include animal anatomy physiology, animal microorganisms and quarantine, veterinary basis, livestock and poultry breeding and improvement, animal nutrition and feed, veterinary clinical diagnosis and treatment technology, common disease of animals, livestock and poultry production, special economic animal breeding, diagnosis and treatment of pet diseases etc... Graduates can be engaged in livestock and poultry breeding, livestock production, livestock and poultry disease diagnosis and prevention, animal health quarantine, feed veterinary drug sales service technology, pet care, self-employed etc... Students can attend the national professional veterinary examination. Now there are 12 international students studying animal husbandry and veterinary science at CTGVC.

Demonstrative majors and backbone majors of Chongqing municipal. Main courses including Animal anatomy and physiology, Animal microorganism and quarantine, Veterinary basis, Breeding and ipprovement of livestock and poultry, Animal nutrition an feed, Veterinary clincial diagnosis and treatment technology, Animal disease, Livestock and poultry productin, Special economic animal breeding, Pet disease diagnosis and treatment etc.

Secondary High school graduate or the equivalent only for Zootechnics and Veterinary Science.

This major aims to our strong teachers, excellent training conditions, for receiving the students systematic and professional training and study, cultivate their master animal breeding management, livestock and poultry epidemic prevention, livestock and poultry breeding, feed, veterinary drugs) sales technical service related theory and technology, to engage in farming production technology and management, animal hospital, feed and veterinary drug marketing technology services, livestock and poultry breeding techniques such as work, strong practical ability, moral, intellectual, physical, beauty and so on comprehensive development of technology, skilled talents, and understanding of contemporary China's economic, political, cultural and social development, To promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and nations of the world in relevant fields and reserve talents for One Belt And One Road development strategy.

1. DocumentsSend following documents to #8, Kelong Road, Wanzhou, Chongqing, China.  

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3.Secondary high school diploma or the equivalent, transcripts

4.Bank remittance receipt for registration fee

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